The Nick Dudiak Fishing Hole, Homer Alaska

Named for former fishery biologist Nick Dudiak, whose two-fold vision was to create a fishery accessible to all ages and provide a financial boost to the area, the Fishing Hole, as it is commonly known, was initially stocked with salmon smolt in 1984. As returning salmon circle the lagoon in search of a nonexistent stream where they can spawn, fishermen line the banks. The more fish, the more fishermen.

A city campground is located on one side of the lagoon, the Spit Trail passes right by, and a large parking area separates the Fishing Hole from Spit Road. In 1990, the lagoon’s success earned it the title of “Best Sport Fish Enhancement Project in the Nation.” The most angler days in one year were 32,000 in 2004. The least was 9,000 in 2009.

Check out this short, amusing "movie trailer" showing what's happening right now at the Fishing Hole, created by Jim Lavrakas, Executive Director of the Homer Chamber of Commerce:

Fishing Hole

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